Founded by Birmingham-Landlord Rudi Tayara, Haus Birmingham currently operates a portfolio of over 100 units belonging to commercial and residential Landlords across the UK. With a bespoke management service in place, Haus Birmingham has seen rapid growth, onboarding new Landlords and properties despite Pandemic and predictions forecasted by experts for the real estate landscape post-Covid.


Offering a wide range of services, from lettings to sales and property management, Haus Birmingham differentiates itself through a flagship Guaranteed Rent bespoke management service, which has become widely popular amongst landlords that own property in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Having operated in the property sector for over 15 years in different capacities within sales, lettings, and development, Rudi Tayara, Managing Director and Founder of Haus Birmingham said:

“As Landlords, we understand how difficult it is to build a property portfolio. We, ourselves, have struggled in the past with property agents that couldn’t find the right tenants and were taking too long to rent a property whilst charging us high management fees. We wanted to change that, which is why we built Haus.“

With an ambition to impact positive outcomes for Landlords, Haus Birmingham operates a model that shifts away from the concept and implications of protected ASTs, to a more profitable and secure way of renting: Corporate Lettings. Rudi, who continues to drive the business from behind the scenes adds: “It’s simply easier and more profitable to rent a property short-term to corporate clients. There is a need in the market for short-term rentals and it is not being met by hotels, therefore it’s up to businesses such as ours to fill in that gap”

Haus’s Guaranteed Rent model ensures properties are profitable at all times by applying a complex framework to the lettings and management processes. From valuation to identifying the size of each opportunity, becoming a Haus Landlord has become an impressive selection process – and numbers show increased competitiveness amongst property owners to be a part of the new wave of innovators that never worry about unpaid rent, management fees, or having their properties empty.

Rudi adds:

“Whenever a property is rented through our Guaranteed Rent” model, we clearly see the potential for that property to earn more for its owner – we initially invest in refurbishment, design, and decor, sometimes completely changing the aesthetics of units – always for the better. Landlords are stunned by our results and we are happy to please our customers”

Haus Birmingham’s portfolio of properties, which range from studio flats to apartments and houses with sometimes more than 5 bedrooms, is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of short-term tenants that are looking for comfort and luxury in the Birmingham property market. Over the past years, Haus has seen a surge in Landlords that are tired of high management and maintenance fees, and lack transparency in the relationship they have with their estate agents. Haus’s new Guaranteed Rent service comes as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise very traditional market.

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About Haus Birmignahm: Haus Birmingham is a Birmingham-based estate agency, operating across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Haus Birmingham provides bespoke management services to Landlords, having a portfolio of over 100 properties. Additionally, Haus offers a specialised Guaranteed Rent service, which allows Landlords to rent their property on a rental agreement of up to 5 years, with no voids or fees incurred.

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