Founded by Birmingham-Landlord Rudi Tayara, Haus Birmingham currently operates a portfolio of over 100 units belonging to commercial and residential Landlords across the UK. The secret to a successful business? A long-term investment in Landlords and human-centred relationships. Read on to find out more. 

Offering a wide range of services, from lettings to sales and property management, Haus Birmingham differentiates itself through a flagship Guaranteed Rent bespoke management service, which includes a bespoke free of charge property refurbishment.

To become a Haus Landlord, you don’t need to own multiple properties. Haus also works with individual residential landlords, which can’t afford to fully refurbish their units, but are keen to raise their property value. In record time, the Haus team is able to repaint, refurbish full kitchens, flooring and completely change the overall look of a space.

Ever since its inception, Haus Birmingham was set on a mission to build a high-value portfolio of properties, with the help of Landlords across Birmingham and the surrounding areas in the West Midlands. With its Guaranteed Rent service, Haus will take on a property that is in dire need of refurbishment and simply set out a plan, with the help of professional interior designers, to completely redesign, redecorate and stage that property, to maximise its rental yield.

Have a look at the example below, of a property that was contracted to Haus Birmingham:

Our designers enhanced the space, making it look more spacious and brighter
Sometimes, even small changes cam make an incredible difference to a property

Are you a landlord? Are you interested in having your property rented on a long-term agreement and refurbished at no cost to you? 

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