Haus Birmingham provides a new and innovative way for Landlords to rent their property. Learn more about the benefits of renting with us below:

Haus Birmingham will never charge you any management fees!

As Landlords, we understand how difficult it is to build a property portfolio. We, ourselves, have struggled in the past with property agents that couldn’t find the right tenants, and were taking too long to rent a property whilst charging us high management fees. We wanted to change that, which is why we built Haus. 

Rudy Tayara, Managing Director at Haus Birmingham

By using our Guaranteed Rent service, as a landlord, you will never have to worry about any hidden fees. Our service is transparent and secure. Your rental income will be guaranteed regardless of whether the tenants who live at the property pay the rent or if the property becomes empty. Haus Birmingham will become the ‘Renter’ giving you full peace of mind.

We will take care of any maintenance requests or issues throughout your tenancy agreement

Ever dreaded the moments when tenants or agents call you for the smallest maintenance requests? Moreover, using a traditional agent can often end up in having higher maintenance costs, as they often charge an administration fee for their service. At Haus, we have a dedicated in-house maintenance team which can take care of any minor repairs, at no cost to you.

No void periods: We pay your rent, even when the property is empty

Because we work with a portfolio of corporate clients, we only allow qualified tenants to occupy your property. These corporate clients usually occupy the property for a shorter period of time; whether it is a contract, or simply a relocation, we cover all void periods between tenancies so that you don’t have to.

Free-of-charge design and refurbishment service: Our in-house designers will professionally stage your property

Because we have a portfolio of potential tenants lined up prior to renting your property, we need to always ensure it’s kept to the highest standards. From contractors to C-level executives, our clients will request specific amenities and facilities that we provide in order to maintain our reputation.

As a result, we often as Landlords to allow us to make home improvements, to make sure their property stands out. Additionally, we also use professional photographers, that will capture the best angles of your units.

Free monthly inspections

We carry out weekly inspections for all properties of Landlords that rent with us. Our maintenance teams and cleaners will regularly visit the units and report any damages in real time, allowing you to rest assured that your property will always be well-kept.


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