The question that many Landlords ask themselves is – what does Guaranteed Rent actually mean for me, as a property owner?


Most letting agents will charge a fee for their service. At Haus Birmingham, we now offer a revolutionary approach to property management, which allows Landlords to reduce void periods and cover maintenance costs, completely free of charge.

We provide commercial and residential landlords with the opportunity to rent their properties on a guaranteed rent agreement for a contractual period of up to 5 years, at a fixed rental value – thus allowing property owners to capitalise on the security of their portfolio and grow, together with us.

Our team is a blend of subject matter experts in property development, lettings, sale of property and interior design with a proven track record of over 10 years’ experience in successfully working with property owners in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

At Haus, we’ve built a strong reputation within the Birmingham property market by delivering luxury accommodation services to contractors, working professionals, and leisure travellers.

We are constantly searching for new, centrally-located properties owned by private or commercial landlords that meet the high accommodation standards we’ve set for our customers, therefore we recommend this service to property owners that are not only looking for a secure rental income, but that would also like to benefit from free refurbishment/design services.

The process of letting your property through our short let management service is simple: send us an email at with your request, desired rental amount, and contractual length, and we will reply with a guaranteed rent proposal that includes:

  • No fees, no arrears
  • An option to choose from a 12-month agreement to up to 5 years
  • Design and refurbishment, free of charge
  • Maintenance, at no cost to you as a property owner

Get in touch now with our teams, and arrange your first viewing!

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